Jang hwa jeong, Director

Jang hwa jeong Director, National Child Protection Agency

Hello? National Child Protection Agency(NCPA)!

Pursuant to Article 45 of the NCPA are the Child Welfare Law to child abuse prevention to establish a linkage between areas and enabling a business was founded. NCPA and support local child protection specialist, child abuse prevention research and data published, an efficient interface system for child abuse prevention, Child abuse prevention program development and evaluation tasks relating to education and child abuse prevention education, consultant child protection and promotion, a specialized agency of services such as construction and operation of the computerized system, You were conducting.

Be mistreated along with local child protection agencies specializing in the country of an agency specialized in child protection in the future of abused children and they found the children who are the best for the treatment and prevention. Their best efforts to find me a laugh from children suffering from abuse, and I promise I will do the best thing to promoting the rights of the Child.

A dream and hope to children suffering in the shade of abuse in order to bring the same time, I ask a lot of attention and engagement. Thank you.